My name is Doron Letzter, I am a photographer.
Photography for me is much more than pressing a button. Photography is a way of grasping the world and reality, an attempt to understand that reality, by modifying it and showing my point of view. Photography is a way of self-expression, expressing emotions, intellectual discourse, a connection between vision and emotion, moving from the individual to the whole, between the real and the abstract.
I hold a bachelor degree in Photography and am a senior qualified photography teacher. My main specialty and passion is in portraiture photography and photographing people, especially those who aren’t used to be in front of a camera. For me, there isn’t such a thing as a non-photogenic person. In addition, I also do products, commercial and architecture photography.
For almost two decades I have been photographing professionally, studying and teaching photography. I love what I do.

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tel: (+972) 052-5402114

 Art Reproductions (Hebrew)