Project Description


My art, my passion. My personal works- some had been presented in museums and galleries

Femme fatale- the destructive woman. wants to rule the world and stay sexy while doing it

This current project below is a bit different from what I have done to this day. It is much more mellow and modest in the aspect of production, and speaks (as usual for me) about women, body shapes, and the image I see in my eyes. It is a kind of combination between photography and psychological therapy. For both sides. the project is a kind of search for the way in terms of its contents and in terms of visibility and it develops while moving and photographing.

The main motif in it is what the girls wear – which is usually black leotard.
It doesn’t try to be something that talks about sexuality but about the perspective in this situation, while trying to understand the process the girls are going through in the encounter, and the most important thing for me is for the girls to be comfortable and have fun.

I will probably present as I presented before my previous projects (in the museum / galleries), but not everyone who have participated and photographed necessarily wants her pictures to be shown, which is also fine by me.
The final result is not as important to me as the process that I go through with the girls and they go through with me. Even if some of the pictures will not be displayed or exposed, the meeting does its work in terms of insights and experience. It’s amazing to me that the vast majority of the girls who were photographed have met me for the first time in the studio (after a familiarity with Facebook or so)

Of course, apart from photographing the photos for the project that I don’t want to publish until everything is consolidated, I photograph those who come to me with their own several sets of clothes, whatever they want – so that they will have nice pictures for themselves to publish